In addition to requirements concerning Research, Coursework, and Seminar, every graduate student is expected to participate in other scholarly activities. These activities vary from individual to individual, but students are expected to develop good reading habits so that they can keep abreast of major developments in their field and in related biomedical sciences, to present their research findings at meetings of professional societies in their field, to show leadership and maturity by assisting other graduate students and staff in research techniques and the use and maintenance of instrumentation, to help in the recruitment of graduate students into the program, to assist in teaching if invited, and to take an active role in maintaining the research environment of the Department and the University.

It is expected that every doctoral candidate will publish at least one first-author paper on the findings from his/her dissertation research in a national/international journal. Students are expected to attend all guest seminars and guest lectures in graduate courses by Visiting Faculty.

Teaching is an important aspect of the doctoral training program, and all students are required to participate in teaching. This may take the form of presenting information in a journal club format, participating in the training of new students or Research Associates in laboratory procedures, etc.