One of the most profitable and enjoyable aspects of the doctoral training program is the student's participation in one or more Journal Clubs. Although the format varies among the Journal Clubs, each involves a meeting of the faculty, fellows, and students working in areas of mutual interest to discuss recent developments, findings, and techniques that relate to their research interests. Each member of the Journal Club is expected to take an equal number of turns in presenting recent papers and in leading a discussion on how the work presented impact(s) the field. Journal Club presentations are usually informal and promote active and often lively discussion and exchange of ideas.

Every graduate student must be a regular member of at least one Journal Club throughout his/her enrollment. Students are encouraged to participate concurrently in several Journal Clubs and to attend meetings of other Journal Clubs when a topic of interest is to be presented. The Journal clubs available to students are:

*MICROBIOLOGY #292: Discussions in Advanced Virology (1 cr.)
*MICROBIOLOGY #293: Discussions in Advanced Immunology (1 cr.)
*MICROBIOLOGY #295: Discussions in Advanced Bacteriology (1 cr.)