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All students are expected to remain in good academic standing, to make progress toward their degree, and to follow the recommendations of their Faculty Advisor and Advisory Committee. Students must maintain an overall Grade Point Average of B in all coursework, and, in addition, must maintain a Grade Point Average of B. In the case of a student whose grade point average is below a B (3.0 on the 4.0 scale), the faculty may decide to dismiss the student from the doctoral program or to place the student on academic probation. A student who is given a grade of D or F in any 1 of the Core Courses is subject to dismissal. A student who is given a grade of C in more than 6 credits of the Core Courses is subject to dismissal.

A Student who is placed on academic probation may be given one academic year at most to achieve an overall B average. In some cases, the period of academic probation may be less that one year, as decided by the faculty. A student who fails to restore his/her overall Grade Point Average by the end of the academic probation period set by the faculty will be dismissed from the doctoral program. Students who are in good academic standing and who are demonstrating significant progress toward the doctoral degree will receive the highest priority for stipend support and waiver of tuition fees. A student who is on academic probation is not guaranteed stipend support from the Department or the Dean and is not guaranteed waiver of tuition fees.

The student should realize that coursework is not the only measure of academic performance at the graduate level. A student who fails to make progress in meeting other requirements such as acceptable performance on the Qualifying Preliminary Examination, preparation of a high quality Research Proposal, and/or fails to demonstrate a proper work ethic and full commitment to his/her career may be placed on academic probation. In these circumstances, the student will be notified in writing of his/her deficiencies and may be dropped from the program if the recommendations of the Advisory Committee and/or Departmental Head are not met in a timely manner.

Graduate students are expected to adhere to the spirit and regulations of the Student Honor Code of this Health Sciences Center. A student who cheats on an examination, fabricates experimental findings, and/or misrepresents scientific data is subject to dismissal according to the procedures of the Student Honor Code. Graduate students are expected to meet the high standards expected of biomedical scientists in all aspects of their research, including the humane treatment of laboratory animals, the careful and proper use of isotopes and chemicals, and the vigilant handling and disposal of infectious agents and recombinant DNA molecules.

First year graduate students will be expected to enroll in the course Philosophical and Ethical Issues in Science (MCB #240) in the summer of the first year. This course is taken as Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory and is not included in the calculation of the grade point average (GPA).


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