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Internal Advisory Committee

Dr. Jonathan Glass
Professor of Medicine and Chief, Section of Hematology and Oncology
Carroll W. Feist Professor of Cancer Research
Director, Feist-Weiller Cancer Center

Dr. Glass is a hematologist-oncologist who is internationally known for his studies on cellular iron metabolism which have a long-record of NIH support. He directs the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center, a multidisciplinary program with major components of basic cancer research, treatment, and education. For more information on Dr. Glass, please visit the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center website.

Dr. D. Neil Granger
Boyd Professor and Head, Department of Molecular and Cellular Physiology

Dr. Granger is an internationally respected cardiovascular physiologist who has received many honors and awards for his research contributions. He directs a major NIH Program Project Grant and has extensive research expertise in inflammation, cardio-physiology, and endothelial cell function. For more information on Dr. Granger, please visit the Department of Physiology website.

Dr. Robert E. Rhoads
Professor and Head, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr. Rhoads is a highly respected biochemist who has made seminal discoveries about the initiation events of protein synthesis. He directs a major NIH-supported program that concerns protein synthesis, translation factors, and the inhibition of protein synthesis by Picornaviral proteases and interferons. For more information on Dr. Rhoads, please visit the Department of Biochemistry website.


The project described was supported by NIH Grant Number
P20RR018724 from the National Center for Research Resources.


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