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Students who have provided a completed application packet (see application requirements) are considered for a Travel Grant to pay all expenses for an interview visit to the Department. Because of excessive cost, only students living in the USA are eligible for a Travel Award to interview . The Interview Visit is usually held on a Sunday and Monday and usually involves a group of six or more student applicants.

The purpose of the Interview Visit is to give the student a chance to learn about our Doctoral Program by meeting with the members of the Department faculty, some of our postdoctoral fellows, and all of our graduate students. Visiting students are given a slide presentation about all aspects of the Doctoral Program, the research activities of the faculty, an overview of the research facilities of the Department and the LSUHSC Core Facility, and information about the many attractive features of the city and the Shreveport metropolitan area. Student visitors meet with faculty members in private interviews and have lots of opportunities to ask questions. A reception followed by dinner is held on the first night, and all transportation to/from the airport, hotel, LSUHSC, and the social event is provided.

Our goal is for student visitors to learn about our Doctoral Program, our research programs, and the many attractive features of the Shreveport community in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

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