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The goals of the Molecular Analysis Core (Core B) are to provide instrumentation, technical and in kind support for the ongoing research of all members of the Center for Molecular and Tumor Virology.  The specific aims with which these goals will be achieved are:

1.  To equip and maintain the COBRE CMTV Molecular Analysis Core laboratories located within the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, LSUHSC-Shreveport, by providing i) instrumentation, computers and software, and technical support for a variety of molecular assays and procedures, ii) large liquid nitrogen systems for the storage and cataloguing of inventories of viruses, cell lines, plasmids, expression constructs, and other molecular reagents; and iii) services such as disposable of biological waste, dishwashing, and preparation of sterile glassware.

2.  To facilitate and encourage use of institutional core facilities by negotiating fees for expanded use by CMTV members of technical services provided by the LSUHSC-Shreveport Research Core Facility, ensuring, in collaboration with Core C, standardization of approaches and application of the appropriate bioinformatic tools and supplementing resources for animal care provided by the LSUHSC-Shreveport Animal Resource Facility.  



The project described was supported by NIH Grant Number
P20RR018724 from the National Center for Research Resources.



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