All full-time graduate students in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at LSUHSC-S receive financial support in the form of a Research Stipend starting at $26,000 plus tuition and waiver. 

Graduate students that receive stipends and financial are expected to remain in good academic standing, to make constant progress toward their degree, and to follow the recommendations of their Advisory Committee and major professor. Financial support may be withdrawn from students who fail to meet these basic requirements. Because financial support is designed to allow students to devote all of their energy, time, and talents to their research and graduate training, it is expected that these students will not seek outside jobs and/or part-time employment.

All students are responsible for the payment of the University Activity Fee and must purchase Health Insurance or provide evidence of other health care coverage. Students are also responsible for other incidental fees such as costs of thesis and dissertation binding, microfilming and diploma costs, and other expenditures that are not covered by a tuition waiver.